Artist Statement

My work exists as an invitation to explore my brain, an absurd map of my life. I strive to deliver raw, but humorous, self-portraits that each demonstrate a facet of being, the body of work collectively unravelling my identity. My work chases a compulsion, an obsession, with my presence on this planet, and this drive not only initiates the work but also informs the manner of making. I prefer to work in a fast, ad hoc, rough and ready way, primarily utilising soft sculpture to create displays of my experiences, memories, body and mind.

I am drawn to soft sculpture, fabrics and stuffings for their pillowy femininity, their bare fleshy feeling and comforting tactile experience. My choice of materials is balanced between sustainability, cost and accessibility, and they guide the

development of the pieces. In my sustainable efforts I typically recycle materials from

previous works, use found objects and pre-loved fabrics and this has become as an important part of my practice as the outcome of the objects I make. My practice typically uses a colour palette of pinks, reds, flesh tones and black,

as I’ve always been drawn to these colours, and they form a sort of

signature within my work.