From the end of 2019 I began to explore the concept of a multifaceted self, choosing to reveal and conceal parts of myself in each piece. Particularly focused on the rituals of daily life, I explored habit, joy and identity through these works. This body is titled Bed as an ode to lockdown; my bed became my studio, my photography location, and my only alone space, in addition to the roles it ordinarily played.

Spreading, 2020, Delphi Campbell.jpg

"Spreading" 2020

Spreading was the culmination of individual successes in my work through lockdown. I retained the juxtaposition of hard and soft with my materials, further developing this by creating a soft formless shape with the fabric, and hard sharp lines with the board.

Good Morning 2020, Delphi Campbell.jpg

"Good Morning" 2020

In Good Morning, I started to experiment with using "soft" materials, presented in a shape atypical of my practice. Good Morning is hand-embroidered fabric, mounted onto board, simultaneously soft and hard. 
36cm x 34cm


"Untitled" 2020

This piece became a turning point for my work in lockdown; I began to meld my paintings with my fabric works. This object can be hung and displayed in many different ways due to the lack of structure in the fabric.

Lumpy, 2020, Delphi Campbell.jpg

"Lumpy" 2020

Lumpy was one of the paintings I produced in the Covid-19 lockdown, having realised I wanted to explore shaped paintings but lacking the resources to shape my own boards, I decided to experiment with negative space. 

80cm x 55cm

DSC_0230 (59).JPG

"Bedtime" 2020

In Bedtime I blended my fabric stitching and painting in a new way, utilising the blob shape from my negative space works to contrast with the high shine of the satin in the piece.

42cm x 61xm


"Vampire Conspiracy Theory" 2020

Vampire Conspiracy Theory was one of the earliest paintings made in this body of work, moving away from human forms but retaining my updated stitch motif. This was produced while I binge watched many vampire tv shows, and began to dream about vampires.

Ahh Corona, to the tune of Vienna by Ult

""Ahhh Corona" To The Tune Of "Vienna" by Ultravox" 2020

I produced this work when I felt completely overwhelmed by the changes Covid-19 had brought. My interest in size and scale felt as though it had taken on a new meaning with the pandemic, swallowing my life and everyone else's whole.

61cm x 42cm

blob life, 2020, Delphi Campbell.jpg

"Blob Life" 2020

Blob Life was another experiment produced in lockdown, once again using negative space to create globular shapes.

61cm x 42cm