Bed, Part Two

2020 - Ongoing

A continuation of my previous project "Bed", "Bed, Part Two" grows the works in different directions, exploring more figurative pieces, more painterly works, and new concepts.

"special occasion" 2021

"special occasion" addresses the 17th of May phenomenon, the date that Wales was set to reopen after lockdown. Though I still feel like my usual lumpy self, the temptation to just stick some nice nails on to mark the event rose, and I began to question the idea of saving nice things for the vague "special occasion" we dream of.


"Zealot" 2021

Utilising my stitching motif in an inverse and ultimately hopeful painting, I aimed to depict the almost religious feeling of a positive relationship.


"Education Should Not Be Gated By Wealth" 2021

My blob is personified, celebrating a kitsch but sardonic party. The work was made as a response to the extortionate application fees we face in pursuit of higher education, particularly at prestigious universities that claim they want students from a diverse range of backgrounds - but are still implicitly weighted against those from lower-income backgrounds.


"sad old thing" 2021

An acrylic on canvas depiction of my persistent but apathetic depression.


"At Midnight" 2021

"At Midnight" uses my stitch detailing to blend the figurative and the abstract, melding two bodies with an upside-down landscape at midnight.


"Intravenous" 2021

Produced in 2021, "Intravenous" is a development of my blob paintings, moving away from the abstract to meld my stitching with bruises.


"Testing" 2021

"Testing" is the partner of "Intravenous", depicting the same blood-draw bruises when I last had my bloodwork done.


"The Weight of The World" 2021

Once again using black and pink to signify my depression, and my life, respectively, this painting precariously balances the two against each other.