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Dead Bodies and DIS PLACED

There is a hot pink wig folded on the left hand side of the image, with pink rubber gloves on the right side. The gloves have leopard-print plastic nails glued to them, and there is excess glue poking out. In the top right hand corner, you can see the burgundy velvet cushion underneath both of these objects. Everything is tied together with several strands of red string, and everything has been wrapped in a plastic sheet with hexagons marked onto the plastic. Over the wig there is a small blue line on the plastic.
"Styx and Stones"

When I started making work that was bodily, loosely figurative and fleshy, I became interested in the idea of dead weight and dead flesh as a line of work. Instead of trying to give my sculptures life, I found myself leaning towards producing objects that were still, slightly deflated, and clinical. I pondered the death of friendships, relationships and parts of myself, and translated this into a series of objects and paintings.

A pink morphsuit has been placed on a table, with the head closest to the camera. The head is half hanging off the table, and the arms are hanging off either side too. The morphsuit has been customised, with stitches drawn all over it in black, other shapes, and glittery beading. There is lipstick over the face and a large stain of diet coke. The table is white, and has two central legs, plus one on each corner of the table.
"Is This What You Want?"

My morphsuit, at one time a performance outfit that worked as a caricature of myself, is currently installed at my exhibition DIS PLACED, as a deflated, sagging corpse, flopped onto a table, trailing off the ends. My pink avatar has died, and I will find a new way to make her into something once this exhibition closes.

a salmon coloured, blob-shaped pillow is resting on a white column-style podium. The blob has visible stitching at the edges, and fake nails around some of the edges. There are four nails on the left hand side, and they are pink with black dots. There is dried-blood around the edges. On the right hand side of the sculpture, there are five hot pink nails at the back, and three blood red nails nearer the front.
"special occasion"

Other objects have been made with visible, brutal stitching,

rendering an almost Frankenstein's-creation effect, combined with lifeless plastic and my trademark pink materials.

You can see the morphsuit on the table as described above, but this time from a horizontal angle, with the head on the left, and the legs on the right. All four limbs and the head are dangling off the table. Behind the table are three white plinths, going from left to right they get slightly shorter. The plinth on the left has hot pink plastic hair over it, the centred plinth has "Styx and Stones", and the right plinth has "special occasion". Each object is slightly hanging over their respective plinths..
The work on display at DIS PLACED in Cardiff Umbrella.

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