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Intentions & Distractions

Recently I began introducing intention to my work. The idea was that I would focus solely on the individual actions I was taking to make a piece, without distractions like music or TV. This would alter my normal way of making and introduce mindfulness.

A large part of casting spells is the intention you set them with, and there is a need for a high level of mindfulness and directed thought. I wanted to bring these principles into my objects, hoping it would develop their emotional resonance as well as their physicality. I have found both mindfulness and making art very helpful and healthy ways of processing emotions and trauma and I was curious to see how a collaboration of the two could change my practice.

I found it had the opposite effect than I thought it would; instead of focusing on my manual movements, my psyche drifted to other things that were on my mind; books I was reading, personal situations or chores I needed to remember. This in turn affected the work (painting or sewing) due to my mentality. Although not what I intended or expected, I believe this a successful result and a highly effective way of producing considered work that also serves as an emotional release.

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